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Time and time again yoga crosses my path and teaches me to go back to my essence. To faith, patience, balance, silence and it shows me how to connect with myself again without judgement in a playful and exploring way.
In a world full of attractions and stimulation yoga for me is strongly connected to a meditative state of being, in movement or sitting still. Feeling. Awareness. Being in the present moment instead of dwelling in the unchangeable past and/or undetermined future.
Investigating what is going on, deep inside, by taking a step back rather than jumping forward. Being instead of doing. An effortless connection to the true nature of things and my own being.
In Yin yoga and Partner yoga Tessa has found the perfect practices to play her part in transforming people towards their inner freedom (authentic Self), using playfulness, embodiment and lightheartedness to heal and connect.

Tessa has been teaching yoga since 2010 and after starting off with a more yang style she moved more and more to a more yin oriented style. She offers (private)classes & workshops that allow you to go inward in your own time and within your own space. Because she believes that yoga is for everybody and is different for every body.

yin yoga

Yin is all about long holds, slowing down, deep stretching (physical, mental and emotional), softening, surrendering and finding relaxation within resistance. It is about acceptance and daring to be still and to stay with what is.
It is an intimate form of yoga that allows you to connect on a deeper layer with your true self, with the light and the dark that you are. It is a beautiful, confronting and magical mirror. An answer to more balance in the yang-oriented world most of us live in.
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partner yoga

Freedom within connection, that is what partner yoga is about for me – that you can stay completely faithful to yourself in relation to another person. How do you take yourself into contact with all there is and all who you are?
Partner yoga is a form of bodywork which holds a playful and healing mirror. Being in contact with another while remaining You, that is where true freedom lies. And with feeling this freedom, relaxation arises. You do not have to do anymore, instead you can Be.
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Over the years Tessa has combined her interests, passion and gifts in different workshops. She holds a soft and safe space where you get all the time to drop what you think you should be to make space to connect with who you really are.
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“Tessa’s yoga classes to me are always a moment of feeling welcome, winding down from all else and choosing ‘me’ for a moment. She has a very pleasant warm touch with which she knows just how to hit the right spot. She feels where there is more space and sees the body’s limitations. That way her adjustments are always customized.
The energy during classes is positive and mostly cheerful but especially during yin yoga Tessa takes this to a conscious and calm atmosphere in a fluent and simple way. Her enthusiasm and interests are contagious!”

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