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Thai Yoga Massage is also called: yoga for the lazy. This massage involves movement, pressure and stretches, just like yoga, but this time you don’t have to do anything yourself, it is being done for you!
This massage is a journey through your body, a sacred dance and holy communion between two people to unblock energy stagnation. Even tough one is active and the other passive, the aim is for both to enter a meditative state where the body can start to heal itself. Through gentle rocking, rhythmic pressure on certain points and yogic stretches, the body is reminded that it is free, so you can stop doing and start being instead.
This massage is working on different body layers (koshas) and the release works on an emotional, energetic and physical level. Blockages can be released and the energy restored to its natural flow.
The massage is a treatment where the body receives what it so often lacks: loving touch and movement in area’s that are stuck. Through communication with the nervous system and more subtle layers the body is invited to release old tension and pain. Telling you that it is ok to relax, that you are complete already.
The massage will be given fully clothed on the floor on a mat.

Healing touch has been with Tessa since she was young and she has found her education in haptonomy, partner yoga and thai yoga massage. She lives in both her so called mother- and fatherland, South Africa and the Netherlands, her yin and her yang. And shares her slow, intuitive, still and soul nurturing touch where ever she is.

massages south africa

60 min R450 | 90 min R600 | 120 min R750
muizenberg, cape town, stellenbosch and surroundings
special for two
this massage workshop for couples teaches you how to touch one another for a more healthy, relaxed and connected relationship | 120 min R1200

massages the netherlands

60 min €55 | 90 min €75 | 120 min €95
eindhoven, someren and surroundings
special for two
this massage workshop for couples teaches you how to touch one another for a more healthy, relaxed and connected relationship | 120 min €125

Tessa also teaches Thai Yoga Massage in the form of a workshop for groups at various Yoga and Wellness Studios. She uses the principles of Thai Yoga Massage to learn people about stillness, touch, how to stay connected to yourself while working with another and how massage can teach you how to be effortless in the present moment.



To feel comfortable. To be who I am and if I still have some doubts about that the touch of your hands know that I do not have to doubt.  
Thank you Tessa for the trust and warmth you gave, the ‘bedding’ where I can rest and relax, to let everything slide of me. With this as a base I experienced your massages as very intense and they have given me a lot.
The cheek, leg and belly massage was unforgettable, your hands know where to go and bring relaxation on a deep and different level, exactly there where needed. Thank you.
I really enjoyed working with Tessa. She is very passionate and attentive – unlike most Thai masseuses I have had before, she really takes the holistic and spiritual side of the practice seriously. I also felt great benefit physically after the massages.

I have experienced the massages as a real experience. A kind of trip that you make through your body, that allows you to get in soft way in touch with what you feel and what you have to process. Tessa has the gift to feel what you need and adjust her massage to that, without needing words to do so. Your body is so personal and that is why it can be very vulnerable when you come across something within your body. Tessa’s touches are free of judgement, which taught me to do the same. Tessa also taught me to trust my body much more. That my body speaks the truth. A beautiful lesson!

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