yin yoga & live music

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yin yoga & live music

Great long stretches combined with the soft healing sounds of koshi chimes, guitar, singing bowl and tongue drum, to get in touch with your healing and nourishing yin energy. Leading into a long grounding savana accompanied with a mini soul soothing acoustic guitar concert.


  • 10 mei 2020
  • 10 mei 2020
  • 10:00 AM
  • 11:30 AM


  • Pranahouse Love Project, , ,
  • South Africa


  • donation based class

Sparking some magic

“It is Tantric wisdom that emotions can be used as fuel, therefore no emotions
are inherently bad, because you can use all of them to open up to wisdom and
energy of life.”

In this workshop David & I are creating a safe and inviting space to work with stuck and blocked emotions and energy. We are both passionate about the teaching and wisdom of the Chinese energy medicine. The Traditional Chinese knew it already for a very long time: emotions have a function. Every season in life, in a day, in a year comes with a certain emotion. And personally we have experienced the benefits of looking at imbalances in our lives from this perspective.

We love it that it works with elements that are connected to the seasons in a year, and with this the seasons in a day, a month, a lifetime and beyond. Every element, every season is connected to organs (and their meridian lines) and a main emotion.

Yin Yoga is extremely beneficial in balancing an element, since we are working on the meridian lines. And David’s sound and music will support you in tapping even deeper into it. So open yourself and invite the vibrations to reach magical depths.

Come join us this evening to explore what happens if you use your yin energy to tap into deeper laying emotions!

yin yoga with Tessa

Yin yoga is not about a flowing body, it is about a static body to make the energy flow on a deeper level. Yin is about long holds, slowing down, deep stretching (physcial, mental and emotional), softening, surrender and finding relaxation withing resistance. it is about acceptance and daring to be still and to stay with what is. And for a true understanding, experience is the only way!


live music by David

Music is the space between the notes and sound can travel to places in the body where a posture can’t come. The vibrations trigger the body to relax on a deeper layer, to let go of things that are not needed aymore. If you can allow yourself to surrender to the sounds and let them enroll you in the now, you give your body permission to relax. Fully and deeply.