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Tessa has always been fascinated by human behaviour and loves to observe people and their ways of interacting with themselves and their surroundings. Body language is the language that speaks to her heart, and her work has a deep African root and a very feminine character.
In Yin yoga, Partneryoga and Thai Yoga Massage she has found the perfect practices to play her part in transforming people towards their inner freedom (authentic Self), using playfulness, embodiment and lightheartedness to heal and connect.
Her wish is a world where people can be truly free, within themselves, and while related to others.
Tessa has been trained in yoga, haptonomy, sociology, communications and Thai yoga massage. She has deepened her understandings through meditation, dance and art.
Her strength lies in her purity, intuition and creativity. Sometimes she uses silence, sometimes touch, sometimes a little verbal encouragement and always a mirror.

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Tessa Custers

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Teacher trainings & Courses
2018 Shiatsu Meridian Massage – Academy of Shiatsu Cape Town (80 hours)
2018 Thai Yoga Massage Diploma level 1 & 2 – Shen Mantra (10 day course)
2017- 2013 Anatomy and Yin Yoga level 1 & 2 – José de Haan – de Groot (200RYA)
2016 Partner yoga – Dieke Bikker (150hr)
2012 Haptonomy basic year – ITH Nijmegen
2010 Teenage Yoga – Femmy Brug (16hr)
2009 Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga – It’s Yoga Cape Town (200RYA)

my personal yoga journey

Additional education
2017 Yoga & Acro Yoga retreat with Dieke Bikker and Selle
2017 The power of Play weekend – Infinite Play
2016 Breathe, Alignment and Meditation – the Jewel of Yoga
2016 Silent retreat weekend – Dieke Dee and Roland-Jan
2016 Yin Yoga Adjustment weekend – José de Haan – de Groot
2015 Thai Yoga Massage, an introduction – Thai Dee
2015 Classical Yoga with Dharma sharing – The Jewel of Yoga
2014 Yin Yoga & Reiki on the 5 Chinese elements – Jose de Groot and Jordy Ibern
2012 Acro Yoga workshop – Dieke Bikker
2012 Yoga and a healthy lifestyle – Jojamis
2010 Adjustments level 1&2 – Anoshe Overington

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