1:1 coaching

1:1 coaching

an online coaching journey

In my coaching journeys I offer a process of transformation to heal and awaken sexuality through the use of a powerful combination of holistic tools.

heal the pain, feel the pleasure

In my coaching journey we dive deep into what is holding you back from getting what you truly desire. Depending on your wishes we take 2 or 3 months to do so. We meet each other every week or bi-weekly in ZOOM. The sessions are supported by tailored ‘home play’ for a deeper integration of the work we do in our sessions, and to give you practical tools that you can use for life.

Everything we do in the session is embodied. This means that we talk, and we use words, but always in a way that is connected to your body. In the coaching method I use (VITA™) we connect to your subconscious mind through your body, because your body never lies and has an innate wisdom to share with you.

We always start with getting very clear on your deeper desire. Once we know where to work from and towards, I use my intuition and creativity to decide which tools and practices we will be using. This can vary from meditation, felt sense, to breath work, emotional liberation, and working with your inner child or family dynamics.

At the end of our journey you will walk away with a deeper understanding of who you truly are, of what to do to create more freedom within yourself and more courage to allow your true sexuality to shine through every cell in your system. You will have healed deep wounds and experienced pleasure along the way. You have now the embodied wisdom, tools and the knowing how to support and love yourself unapologetically for the rest of your life.

Coaching sessions can be in Dutch or English.

vita™ coaching methodology

The VITA™ Coaching method is a process of transformation to heal and awaken sexuality (and not only) through the use of a powerful combination of holistic tools such as breathing, healing from trauma, meditative practices, energy work, the expression of the body through movement and sound. VITA™ Coaching offers a completely unique approach to healing and awakening not only sexuality but also a return to one’s essence. It takes the most effective teachings of modern neurobiology, holistic healing and modern coaching and their fusion with the ancient and powerful teachings of Tantra, Taoism and Sacred Sexuality. The VITA™ Coaching approach also recognizes that the body has an energy system and we work with this energy to systematically release and awaken the natural state of flow within us. Healing is profound but delicate and transformation is noticeable on many levels.



Before I start working with you, I first want to meet you. To see and feel if we are a match and therefore I offer:
a 20-minute discovery call (free) •
a 60-minute introduction session (€75/ZAR600) •
Our meeting will allow us to make an aligned decision if we should go on a journey together.